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Mission Statement

Earth Day Every Day CT strives to create events for children and their adults to provide positive interactive experiences in Nature and/or Environmental Sciences.


We have one Earth, one home, one closed system with all that we need within its boundaries. We need to learn how to be great stewards of our home as everything we do affects every other living being within the Earth’s boundaries. What we chose to do now affects all things, both now and in the future. Let’s leave our children and our children’s children with a healthy Earth for all to enjoy. The abundance and beauty of a healthy planet will support them with all they need to not just survive, but to thrive.

Each generation creates the following generation’s opportunities and challenges. Children are not only the recipients of our policies, attitudes and the results of our current actions, their subsequent choices hold the future of the entire planet. What we teach our children will create the world we live in as they grow to be the decision-makers.

We are facing choices now that our predecessors never imagined. It is important that our children understand the global ramifications of their environmental decisions.

We strive to teach children and their adults the importance of protecting the environment they live in, the importance of unbiased science in making hard decisions and to expose them to the beauty that lives all around them in Nature.

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